The Corrosion Illinois Network (CIN) is a nonprofit concierge service meeting the needs of community drinking water and wastewater system owners and operators. Representing a primary resource for water infrastructure stakeholders in Illinois, the CIN focuses on educational programs, technical assistance, and training opportunities in corrosion prevention and mitigation. Corrosion is a major cause of structural failures that shorten infrastructure asset life, incur unnecessary costs, limit systems’ capacity to accommodate community growth, and threaten public health and safety.

Asset Protection Program

Under our signature Asset Protection Program, we offer technical assistance and funding to Illinois water systems for the creation of a ten-year Asset Protection Plan. This plan includes the inspection and evaluation of all water supply and wastewater treatment assets by a licensed, experienced engineering firm and the development of plans for maintenance, repair, or replacement as necessary.

In addition to prioritizing maintenance and repair projects by fiscal year, plans include project cost projections and a preventive maintenance inspection schedule for each asset. This schedule provides for regular asset inspection and maintenance to prolong the asset coating system life, thereby controlling corrosion, reducing operational costs, and extending the life of the asset.

With this planning in place, a community is positioned to seek funding for individual projects from state and federal sources. Further technical assistance provided by the Corrosion Illinois Network helps system operators identify and engage with potential sources of funding for projects defined within the Asset Protection Plan.

As part of our commitment to strengthening community water systems, the CIN has created a certification program for contractors who perform corrosion prevention and mitigation work. Contractors achieve CIN certification based on their ability and willingness to adhere to industry standards and best practices. In addition, they are required to follow all applicable state and local laws and regulations and must be affiliated with a federally accredited vocational school that offers industrial coatings training and certifications.

To take advantage of our Asset Protection Program, water system owners and/or operators agree to utilize CIN-certified contractors for all work covered under the plan. In this way, communities can plan ahead with the peace of mind of knowing their vital water system assets are protected by the most qualified contractors and industrial coatings workers.

Learn more about how your community water system can take advantage of the Asset Protection Program. Download our flyers below.

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“Whether it is a pipeline, an airplane, a water treatment plant or highway bridge, corrosion prevention and control is essential to avoiding catastrophic events before it’s too late.”
– Bob Chalker, CEO, NACE International

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