The cost of corrosion is high.

In communities across Illinois, corrosion has weakened municipal water infrastructure systems. Crumbling water supply and wastewater system assets drain resources, increase operational costs, pose serious health and safety threats, and rob opportunity by discouraging business growth.

The Corrosion Illinois Network was created to help Illinois’ communities combat the high financial and human costs of corrosion by providing a full suite of planning, procurement, education, training, and financing services.

Find out more about the Corrosion Illinois Network Asset Protection Program and learn how we can help you reduce costs and maintain peak performance for all your water infrastructure assets.



Four steps communities
can take to stop corrosion
before it starts.



Industry resources to help
battle corrosion and protect
infrastructure assets.



Free educational events
providing the cutting-edge
insights and information
you need.

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Need a corrosion industry specialist for your group or organization? Let us know! We can provide expert speakers on a variety of corrosion and infrastructure topics.

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